sustainably sourced
quality sawn timber

Quality woodland products, sourced with care from our stunning south west woodlands


Ecology and sustainable woodland management

Around twenty years ago company founder and director Mike Gardner graduated from Edinburgh University with a degree in Ecological Sciences. Knowing the importance of trees to our island ecology, Mike was keen to use woodland management to conserve habitats and ecology in the south west. 

Growing up in Devon, woodlands and their associated wildlife had always been important to Mike. But the importance of sustainable woodland maintenance became even more obvious during his time at Edinburgh amidst the deer and sheep ravaged landscapes of Scotland. During this time Mike was lucky enough to be part of a movement, proactively promoting an ecological woodland and timber culture. Some of his fellow tutors and peers were involved in the founding of the John Muir Trust for wild places, Trees for life taking its first formative steps, Lothian Trees and Timber milling local timbers, Tim Stead producing beautiful and functional furniture and art out of local timber and much more.

Quality Timber Products

Keen to get hands on experience working in the woods –and following a fortuitous meeting in a pub at a horse fair- mike ended up in Cumbria managing various coppice woodlands for a wide range of high quality products as well as running Lakeland Charcoal years alongside Walter Lloyd. During this time Mike was also lucky enough to working closely with and draw on the great knowledge of Bill Hoganth (Bill Hogarth Memorial apprenticeships), which further strengthening his love for woodland and timber products. 

The saw mills in Devon 

Finally mike decided to return to his homeland in Devon, and for the last 20 years he has been based in the Teign Valley gradually working to turn Sawmills Devon into what it is today. Over our years here in Devon we have been managing woodlands, harvesting timber, milling timber (initially with various mobile mills) as well as designing and building many timber buildings with teams of quality carpenters.  As money was saved, machinery upgraded and a yard developed, the business now concentrates on the sustainable woodland Management of various local woodlands and in doing so is able to produce a stunning range of quality timber by-products


At our sawmill based amongst the woodlands of the Teign Valley, on the edge of Dartmoor, we saw various homegrown timbers to our clients requirements as well as supply a range of cedar cladding, joinery timbers, seasoned flooring, character timbers and much more. We also continue to manage various woodlands in the South West including the Dartington Hall Trust woodlands by Totnes, and Idestone woodlands closer to home. In the Management of woodlands we ensure true sustainability.



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