All you need to know about our environmental policy and certification


The aim of the business is to promote the sustainable management of the regions woodlands by making a wide range of sustainable bespoke timber products as demanded by our local clients. 

This greatly reduces the transport miles from forest to sawmill and workshop (located in the Haldon Hills and Teign valley) and on from sawmill and workshop to client. We manage various woodlands within the area carrying out the most appropriate silvicultural techniques for various woodland types. In all the woodlands we manage, and source timber from, we strive for the following management objectives:

To preserve the existing ecological diversity of the site

To improve the ecological diversity of the site

To improve the quality of timber trees in the woodland

To sustainably harvest products from the woodland

To provide a place of relaxation and recreation for humans

To provide an educational and training resource

To maximise financial return to the owner without compromising the above

To apply for any grants that are available

To remove non-native invasive species over time whilst preserving large individual specimen trees for their value both aesthetically and as habitat.

The owner Mike Gardner has a degree in Ecological sciences with Forestry honours and over thirty years experience in Forestry, saw-milling, carpentry and woodworking. With good working relationships with many differing woodland owners and managers we are able to source the correct trees locally for the required job. Our products are made using the best species and size of tree for the job. This ensures the best quality product by maximising its longevity without the use of toxic preservatives and finishes. This also greatly reduces waste in terms of waste timber and transport reducing costs to the customer and the carbon footprint of the product.

We source all our timber by sustainably managing some of the regions woodlands and purchasing forest products from other sustainably managed woodlands as locally as possible. We also utilise individual windblown trees and rarities from dying trees felled for safety reasons in parks and gardens. By using these to make products for which there is a demand locally we reduce unsustainable forest destruction elsewhere in the world. We also stop our customers from needing to purchase timber products from further a field with greater embodied carbon costs due to greater transport distances.

By harvesting or buying the trees directly and processing it all ourselves, we know exactly from which woodland in the area all our products come from.

All trees are felled with a statutory Forestry Commission Felling Licence which means they are credited to the The UK Forestry Standard – GOV.UK



The UK Forestry Standard (UKFS) is the reference standard for sustainable forest management in the UK. It outlines the context for forestry, sets out the approach of the UK governments to sustainable forest management, defines standards and requirements, and provides a basis for regulation and monitoring – including national and international reporting. Guidelines on how to meet the UKFS requirements are set out in sub-sections covering Biodiversity, Climate Change, Historic Environment, Landscape, People, Soil and Water

To find out more about the UK Forrestry standard, please head over to the official website at:

Grown in Britain is creating new sustainably-managed woodland to increase the supply of British timber destined for use by local people and businesses. 

To find out more about grown in Britain, head over to their official website at:


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