Seasoned firewood available from Sawmills Devon delivered to your door in various load sizes of seasoned logs. Ready for use on your open fire or woodburner. Our firewood is air dried on top of the sunny and windy Haldon Hills on the south easterly edge of Dartmoor. It is normally seasoned as logs for at least two summers and hence is ready to be used. We sell pick up loads or meter cubed dumpy bags of seasoned logs.  We have softwood logs or hardwood logs available with pricing dependant on the quantity you buy and the distance we need to transport it to deliver it to you.

We also sell lorry loads of slabwood and round cord length firewood. These are offcuts from the sawmilling business or poorly formed trees and thinnnings from our on going sustainable local forestry operations and woodland management.

We make and bag  seasoned bags of kindling as offcuts from the sawmilling business and can sell in any quanitity or by the pallet load anywhere in the country.