We mill a wide range of sustainably sourced timber, 95% of which is from devon and %100 of which is from the south west of England.  We mill a wide variety of species for a variety of purposes. Some of the species we often mill include  oak, ash, Douglas fir, Chestnut, Cedar, Western Red Cedar, Coastal Redwoods and Larch (sometimes known as Siberian Larch). We can mill all of the above timbers green to order. 

Because we manage various woodlands, we can fell trees specifically to order and can get specific abnormal lengths if required -as long as the trees grow tall enough! 

We also offer a bespoke milling service to mill your own tree’s if you have a tree you want milling into stunning workable products. NOTE: Though we used to run a mobile mill, we now prefer working from home with our new state of the art mill and so now ask you to bring your wood to us!  We have found that this is more efficient and provides a higher quality product than travelling to our customers.


Our Silvicultural Management of our woodlands tends towards Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF or uneven aged forestry) promoting the transformation of even aged plantations to structurally, visually and biologically diverse woodlands whilst enhancing production of high quality timber. CCF seeks to work with the site and to respect ecological processes and inherent variation rather than impose artificial uniformity. In practice this leads towards the use of natural regeneration and the development of mixed species and mixed age stands.

We choose to use sustainable forestry methods to preserve existing Biodiversity, To improve and develop biodiversity, To fix carbon, To (Re)Create more woodlands, To be carbon efficient, To provide ecologically sound long lasting naturally durable quality building materials, To provide fuelwood, To provide other woodland forest products, To provide sustainable local employment, to provide spaces for relaxation and recreation for humans, To develop more low input sustainable silvicultural systems, to Adapt our forests to be productive, sustainable and resilient to a future climate.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch via  email or give us a call if you are interested in our forestry services or want to learn more about our environmental ethos. 


We are proud to offer a consultancy service and will be happy to help with any in depth questions or conserns that you may have. 


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