Display Plinths

Living in the same valley as a few esteemed stone sculptors, we have been asked to supply quality square and true display plinths in various timbers. Wooden display plinths for artists are required to be precision sawn to the artists specific dimensions.

Previously we cross cut the plinths with a chainsaw and really struggled to get the cut accurate, requiring many hours of finishing by the sculptor. It is because of this issue a bespoke jig was commissioned to enable the sawyer to cross cut our artists wooden display plinths on the sawmill. This ensures an amazingly smooth bandsawn finish accurate to <1mm.

Here you can see an example of one of our plinths proudly displaying a beautiful piece by Dominic Welch

Much to the sculptors disgust these are now also seen as works of art in their own right! Therefore it is not just artists, using these wonderful pieces to display their wares. Our customers also want them as a stand alone piece!

You can see an example of how we employed the same ‘wooden plinth’ techniques to create large blocks of Dartington Estate Timber. These are being used as Deer viewing steps enabling visitors to peek over the the medieval deer park wall!

Here is an example of a plinth being used as a rather sturdy bench!

We sell these in naturally durable oak and chestnut, sustainably sourced and priced according to size and delivery. Please feel free to ring or email to discuss your ideas or place an order.