Wooden display plinths for artists are required to be precision sawn to the artists dimensions. This includes the end cuts which need to be precisely square to the side faces and nicely smooth. Living in the same valley as a few esteemed stone sculptors, we have been asked to supply quality true display plinths in various timbers. Previously trying to cross cut the wooden display plinths with a chainsaw could never be accurate to less than 5 mm which required many hours of finishing by the sculptor. We have therefore built a jig allowing us to cross cut our artists wooden display plinths to millimeter accuracy with an amazing smooth bandsawn finish. This requires only very light sanding (which we can do if required ) to produce the perfect finish. With minimal extra work required by the artist we can produce wooden display blocks in various timbers and to various sizes. Much to the sculptors disgust these are now also seen as works of art in their own right and we supply direct to customers who want them as they are, as well as to artists to display their wares. We have also created various large blocks of Dartington Estate Timber to be used as Deer viewing steps to view over the the medieval deer park wall and as benches from which to enjoy the Parkland views. We sell these in naturally durable oak and chestnut sustainably sourced and priced according to size and delivery. Please feel free to ring or email to discuss and place an order. Email is normally best as I am often surrounded by noisey macinery ion the sawmilling yard choosing the right timber for the right job.